Iranian traditional food

Aash (Iranian thick Soup)

Aush (Persian: آش‎) sometimes transliterated as ash, aash, or āsh, is a thick soup/stew, which is usually served hot and is part of Iranian cuisine. Aush means thick soup in the Persian language. Depending on the type of Aash is typically made with a variation of ingredients but may include; flat wheat noodles, turmeric, vegetables (broccoli, carrots, onion, celery, spinach, garlic, jalapeño), legumes Read more about Aash (Iranian thick Soup)[…]
strapwork Iranian art

Girih tile Art

  As far back as the 13th century, Islamic architecture has featured amazing and intricate geometric patterns called Girih tile art. Historians and mathematicians had assumed that the craftsmen who created these patterns did all their work with compasses and straight edges. But a few years ago, it was discovered that many of these patterns Read more about Girih tile Art[…]
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Treasury of National Jewels

About Treasury of National Jewels The incomparable "Treasury of the National Jewels", which is open to public, is a collection of the most expensive jewels of the world, collected over centuries. Every piece of this collection is a reflection of the tumultuous history of this great nation, and artistry of the residents of this land. Read more about Treasury of National Jewels[…]