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The facts about Iran you must know before visiting! 
Every country has got its own cultural and legal issues and if you’re planning to visit Iran there are some important facts about Iran which you must consider before planning your travel.

Iranian hospitality is their famous attitude all over the world.

Iran is a four-season country, but the greatest time to visit Iran is in spring and autumn.

Iranian are not Arabs and the commonly spoken language is Persian.

Iranians don’t hate any Nation in the world.

People may offer you something but they don’t really mean it. It is called: Taarof. For example, they may ask you to stay at their places for the night but they don’t really mean it!

People may like to take selfies with you!

Learn to drink tea all the time!

The weekend is Friday!

Haggling and bargaining the prices is common: So Do it!

Don’t miss Iranian Dish especially the variety of Kebabs!

Iran’s capital and largest city is Tehran.

Don’t just visit common Tourism destinations; also explore the mysterious places of Iran.

There are many different cultures within the country.

Many people (Especially young generation) can speak English.

Currency is very confusing. 1 toman equals 10 Rials. But the lowest cash money available is 1000 Rials (100 Tomans).

When someone says it costs 1 toman he means 10000 Rials (1000 Tomans!) Got it?!

Iran is a safe Country!

Don’t just focus on historical places otherwise you’ll miss natural destinations!

Be sure to get some poem books and traditional music pieces.

Take your shoes off everywhere!

The most common Instant messaging App is Telegram and the most widespread Social media is Instagram.

Iran is a great Country to visit, Keep these facts about Iran in mind and start scheduling your trip!

Hijab in Iran: Obeying Islamic rules including Hijab or Islamic dress-code is necessary in Iran. However these rules are not observed very strict, especially for tourists and foreigners. You must not worry about maintaining your hijab , since in times you have forgotten about it, the maximum penalty will be a request (usually in a kind way) to make it correct. If you want more about Iranian Hijab click here.

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