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women Hijab in Iran


The dress code and Hijab in Iran is more casual than you might expect, but there are definitely rules you need to follow. The important part is Headscarf. You need to worn it in all public places. But you can have a little of your hair showing with no problems. You’ll see many locals with headscarves perched far back. It doesn’t need to be right up to your forehead unless in a shrine or a mosque. In generally you shouldn’t worry about your hijab at all, since you forgot about it, the maximum penalty will be a request (usually in a kind way) to make it correct. But we ask travelers to wear their hijab completely when inter small towns and villages to respect their Rites and traditions.

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Minimum requirements for women’s Hijab in Iran (public places) are:


According to the dress code in Iran, you are supposed to cover your body, so you should wear trousers, either jeans (Tight jeans are no problem), or if visiting in summer, something loose and cotton is best. A summer dress over jeans and t shirt is a good option. Bare forearms are fine but you should definitely cover your shoulders.


Hair should be covered. It doesn’t mean to wear a tight scarf around your head. It is very usual that some parts remain out of the cover like ears. It’s acceptable for women to allow a little of their hair showing in front of headscarf. Scarf and Shawl are the most common covering for Iranian women.


In reality the dress code is more relaxed and open to interpretation. There is no limitation for dress color in Iran. We recommend you wear light colors in hot months (May ~ September).


Feet can be uncovered and Open-toed sandals are fine.

Rules you need to follow In Summary:

  • Hair: Should be covered at publics.
  • Legs: Should be covered down to the ankle
  • Arms: Forearms can be uncovered but cover the shoulders and tops of arms
  • Feet: These can be uncovered

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In reality the dress code is more relaxed and open to interpretation. It’s not unusual to see young women in the larger cities wearing figure-hugging Manteaus. Skinny jeans, high heels and colorful Scarf that have been arranged to offer plentiful glimpses of hair and neck.

Iranian hijab


Shorts are not acceptable in public places. Wearing ties or bows is not a problem. T-shirts are acceptable.


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