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Travel to Iran foods

Because of extent of Iran and different nations there is so many foods with different taste in Iran, we have spicy Foods in south of Iran, Sea foods in North, many kind of Kebab in central part and west, so many vegetarian food called “Aash” and so on… and almost there is at least one food for any kind of tastes.

We have many kind of stew that normally eat with rice, Iranian people are food lover.

travel to Iran foods

Iran’s culinary culture has historically interacted with the cuisines of the neighboring regions, including Caucasian cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Levantine cuisine, Greek cuisine, Central Asian cuisine, and Russian cuisine so you can find any taste in Iranian food.

Typical Iranian main dishes are combinations of rice with meat, vegetables and nuts.

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Traditional Iranian food combines the savory of fresh herbs and spices like saffron, merges it with the sweet of pomegranate, barberry and cinnamon and tops it all off with a flourish of nuts, dried fruits and beans.

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