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Water and mirror in Iranian culture have been a symbol of purity and brightness, truthfulness and satiety, and it is likely that its application in architecture also has the same meaning.

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What is mirror work?

The mirror work art is a kind of interior decoration of the building, by attaching small pieces of the mirror to different geometric shapes. In this artistic style, the glass mirror artist uses mirrors and cut into a variety of shapes, brilliant and beautiful in buildings that create a reflection of light in countless parts of the mirror of radiation, shine and beauty in the decoration of buildings.

In recent years, a kind of mirror work with colorful glasses, and design of flowers, bushes, bergamot and etc. become commonplace. In contrast to the traditional way in which the mirror parts are all geometric and angular, the mirror and colored glasses cut and use Curved and rounded. This fashionable mirror pattern the glass is called “gemstone”. In this way, usually the mirror parts are stuck on the glass surface.


In 16th century when high quality mirror in Europa produced Iran Started to import it from Italy, but some mirrors have broken in way, as the mirrors was valuable object, Iranian artist find a solution to use all the mirrors. They put them together piece by piece in geometric shapes,

It seems the first appearance of art of mirrors in Iranian architecture in decorating the porch house of Shah Tahmasb Safavi (1524 A.D.) in Qazvin.

After the transfer of the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan, the art of mirror work in Isfahan was also used in the interior decoration of the palaces. One of the most famous places is “mirror’s house” in Isfahan. This palace was built by Shah Safi in 1632 alongside Zayandeh River in Isfahan. The image of Zayandeh Rood and the trees are Very eye-catching in this building.

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